Forget nickel-and-diming. In the world of payroll, it’s more like Benjamin-and-McKinley-ing. Any HR pro or CFO knows, payroll providers have a habit of adding sizable, unexpected costs that can shock and even paralyze a company’s bottom line – often while delivering subpar value at an already inflated price.

NationalHR says no more. In this age of unprecedented technological efficiency, payroll should be doing more for less – while offering transparency and protection from extreme cost fluctuations, to boot.

At a Glance

Our single data entry payroll starts at just $10 PEPM, with built-in innovation including a streamlined WOTC credit process, connectivity to online enrollment, and paperless, easier-than-ever onboarding. In short, payroll’s IQ has skyrocketed, and wants to take you to the stratosphere with it.

Forget “free” software that’s never actually free. Forget the old, expensive, and unpredictable way. Meet the future of payroll – NationalHR. We offer the following:

  • Basic to full-service payroll services for companies of every size – customizable, agile, intuitive, soup to nuts
  • System integration with a customized benefits management enrollment system that connects directly to your carrier. Less work, zero disruption, greater savings.
  • Paperless applicant tracking – restores efficiency and appeal to the hiring process!
  • Paperless onboarding that spares trees, cuts costs, saves time, slashes risk, and optimizes compliance, getting everyone started on the right foot!
  • Error-proof wizard driven technology across all services
  • Automatic, Free I-9 and e-verify compliance
  • Single entry point for real-time information on demand
  • Exhaustive, easy-to-use time card, time management, client management and client setup features
  • Tax credit optimization via software that highlights credit opportunities and simplifies the application process