Benefits Consulting

You’ve heard promises of a “better way.” NationalHR actually delivers on that promise, exceeding expectations from your first consultation with a dedicated representative through check-ins that characterize every account. The sum total? Better benefits topped off by unmatched service – all for less.

For clients craving even more, there’s NationalHR’s game-changing approach to benefits, delivering top-notch healthcare at a significantly lower cost. All it takes? A willingness to look at benefit pay structure in a new light. Which, come to think of it, is exactly how we came up with this innovative solution:

At a Glance

After years of benefits consulting according to the traditional model, NationalHR identified a few serious problems. For starters, businesses chronically overbuy – spending too much to protect their sickest employees, thereby overspending on the remaining 80%. Our mission became clear: How can we protect that 20% without spending too much everyone else?

Following years of research, we shirked status quo and rolled out a better way. It’s culturally groundbreaking, yet actually pretty simple. First, we interrupted the more money = better benefits correlation.

Next, we took all the pieces apart and reassembled them in away that makes more sense – and cents.

The math adds up. The benefits adds up. The happiness and superior health add up.

Ready to go smarter with your benefits – and save big? Take the traditional route or hop aboard the newer, smarter approach by NationalHR. Either way you get:

  • Access to all lines of coverage – medical, dental, vision, prescription, disability and life insurance
  • Dedicated, full-service expertise across the life of your plan – from proposals to quotes to renewals and coordination
  • Skilled negotiators that fight for your business’s bottom line – and best health
  • Unmatched, toll-free, real-person-on-the-end-of-the-line customer service.
  • No help desk tickets. No automated robots. Just prompt and easy personal attention that’s contributed to NationalHR’s 98% client retention rate.