For HR Directors

Taking care of your team is your responsibility, at any cost. If it weren’t all on your shoulders, you might have time to reduce those costs. But it is, so you don’t. After all, stopping for a second in the game of human resource management can have dire consequences!

Shopping software isn’t your forte, so while you ask around for recommendations, new options are hard to vet – and harder still to implement.

NationalHR wipes your plate clean of all of these concerns, ensuring a transition process that’s quick and smooth. Our integrated human capital management software will make your workday exponentially easier, gaining you favor with the CFO, to boot. Employees appreciate a clear, user-friendly interface that lets them take ownership of administration where applicable, and you appreciate the chance to loosen your grasp on the reins, trusting your team is in great hands – and saving the company money in the process.

How We Help

Throw out your calendar and your compliance concerns. Our software is designed to stay abreast of ACA requirements and deadlines, prompting you accordingly.

Self-populating forms make online benefits administration a cinch – especially for companies with fewer than one hundred employees who are tasked each year with completing a pile of forms. With NationalHR, simply log in when prompted once yearly, make elections, sign electronically, and submit paperwork with one easy click! Healthcare and life insurance practically take care of themselves, too!

Obtain EOBs electronically, and watch health savings account management become easy when employees pay for services as points of sale using our benefits debit card.

Discover health benefits options like you never dreamed of, with re-imagined buying that lead to unbelievable savings and flexibility – without downgrading your benefits plan.

What We Do

Innovators in the health and benefits consulting space, NationalHR proudly offers integrated, seamless, and paperless payroll, HRIS, online benefits administration, 401(k) recordkeeping, and medical debit cards for FSA, HRA and HSA spending. These options are available to companies of any size - á la carte, full suite, or any combination in between – at a low cost. Our system offers one point of entry for all your needs, and top-tier service from content experts in each area. Let NationalHR demo its software for you so you can see firsthand how to cut 20% to 40% annually off your health care bill, streamline your administration process, and make benefits better.

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