For CFOs

Taking care of your team is a priority, but it has to make financial sense. You change benefits carriers periodically in your quest for lower rates, ending up as the “bad guy” when you save money by buying a lesser plan. Your HR department is bleeding money – but you aren’t sure what to do.

NationalHR restores favor to your bottom line by bridging human capital and financial capital. Our benefits consulting and HR offerings uncover tax credits, ensure ACA compliance, and do what might seem impossible: Offer top-quality benefits at a reduced cost.

How We Help

Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing every day and expecting a different result.” Countless moving parts mean there’s often chaos where HR is concerned. You know it’s not operating cost-effectively, but turning it around seems like a pipe dream. Cue NationalHR. We combine necessary prompts and alerts, form fields, electronic forms, and guidelines into one customizable, innovative human capital management software plan.

Medical costs aren’t getting cheaper or easier to navigate. NationalHR gives you new systems and options designed specifically with clarity and cost control in mind.

Our payroll starts at just $10 PEPM, and syncs with the larger, 360-degree human capital management system.

NationalHR allows you to have, for the first time ever, a long-range plan for human capital management. No more knee-jerk reactions to regulatory changes. No more time-sucking forms to fill out annually. Self-populating autofill and automatic updates are just the start.

What We Do

Innovators in the health and benefits consulting space, NationalHR proudly offers integrated, seamless, and paperless payroll, HRIS, online benefits administration, 401(k) recordkeeping, and medical debit cards for FSA, HRA and HSA spending. These options are available to companies of any size - á la carte, full suite, or any combination in between – at a low cost. Our system offers one point of entry for all your needs, and top-tier service from content experts in each area. Let NationalHR demo its software for you so you can see firsthand how to cut 20% to 40% annually off your health care bill, streamline your administration process, and make benefits better.

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