For CEOs

Taking care of your team is a top priority, but the details are delegated to management.  With NationalHR, you can be confident of three things:

  1. You’ll spend significantly less for integrated, single-entry human capital management software that includes payroll, makes ACA compliance foolproof, and spans the life cycle of every employee.
  2. You’ll immediately see the perks of healthcare benefits purchased differently, earning you big savings without eroding the product. Whether you take this innovative buying route or a more traditional approach, NationalHR benefits administration comes with support that’s simple and almost entirely paperless.
  3. Because NationalHR provides most services in-house instead of sub-contracting, your people will experience consistency, continuity, and superior service.

How We Help

You have three goals. The first two are always on the tip of your tongue: I need to control cost and I want my people happy. NationalHR’s human capital management innovates from the inside out to satisfy both, tightening the HR administration process and related spending. Your third goal is to ensure that human capital management supports larger business objectives. By boosting morale, adding clarity, ushering in tax credits, and making violation fees things of the past, NationalHR’s system bats a thousand!

NationalHR offers an innovative employee health benefits buying alternative. It gives you the option of structuring your company plan so that your sickest team members are covered - without raising rates for the healthy workforce remainder.

Featuring paperless onboarding and starting at just $10 PEPM, NationalHR payroll syncs with our larger, 360-degree human capital management system.

NationalHR allows you to have, for the first time ever, a long-range plan for human capital management. No more knee-jerk reactions to regulatory changes. No more time-sucking forms to fill out annually. Self-populating autofill and automatic updates are just the start.

What We Do

Innovators in the health and benefits consulting space, NationalHR proudly offers integrated, seamless, and paperless payroll, HRIS, online benefits administration, 401(k) recordkeeping, and medical debit cards for FSA, HRA and HSA spending. These options are available to companies of any size - á la carte, full suite, or any combination in between – at a low cost. Our system offers one point of entry for all your needs, and top-tier service from content experts in each area. Let NationalHR demo its software for you so you can see firsthand how to cut 20% to 40% annually off your health care bill, streamline your administration process, and make benefits better.

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