Why Us?

There’s a school of thought claiming that you can’t control costs while providing top-shelf human resources and benefits – and vice versa.

Not only does NationalHR know that robust bottom lines, compliance, and employee health and happiness can co-exist, we’ve literally built a business that depends on it! Every day, NationalHR clients save money using our superior administrative tools and services – tools and services whose integrated, cohesive structure lets us control prices and optimize results.

In business for almost 40 years, NationalHR is proof of the power of agility and motivation. When we saw a need in the marketplace for improved human resource administration and benefits management, we expanded beyond benefit plans – with game-changing results.

How We Help

Provide a team of dedicated account reps and live, in-house expertise and support

Services that scale, grow and change with your business

User-friendly online resources with the latest information on benefits and HR

Auto population across all software platforms, for unprecedented ease and less work

Consolidated billing structure boasting a streamlined, understandable, one-invoice format

Peace of mind stemming from our fiduciary responsibility to all clients

What We Do

NationalHR brings 35+ years of human resources experience and expertise to clients big and small, offering solutions uniquely designed to save money and offer better service.

With a proven track record and tangible results, NationalHR is quickly becoming a go-to provider for companies of all sizes, across industries and across the nation. Our comprehensive approach covers the following:

More About Our Services