If you’ve cracked your screen or forgotten a password, you know: Technology can be a double-edged sword. At best, it’s a game-changing money-saver; at worst, a top-dollar ticket to aggravation.

NationalHR’s fully integrated system fits squarely under best – the answer to costly, one-size-fits-all industry software to blame for countless bad moods and negative returns. Our 360-degree approach reaches its helpful tentacles into every aspect of HR and benefits administration, offering data population, customized permissions, and flexible features at every turn – all for a fraction of the cost of competitors, with nearby support available at a moment’s notice.

NationalHR-the HR Company with Everything in House

Optimize hiring, payroll, benefits administration, compliance, and HR with NationalHR’s full suite of software services.

  • Suitable for companies big and small.
  • Available alone or in concert with other components of our full product line – always with one point of entry and immediate data field population between all fully integrated platforms.
  • User-friendly, easily spanning the life cycle of every employee – first day to last.

Out with paper

Everything you need – recruiting, hiring, onboarding, reviews, discipline, payroll, taxes, benefit administration, 401(k) recordkeeping, FSA and HSA, and even compliance – is sitting on the cloud in your password-protected site. Access records with one simple click – safely, indefinitely.

The one-stop software solution

Your time is valuable. Stop logging in and out of various platforms and programs, entering information you’ve already offered up elsewhere. NationalHR’s human capital software promotes efficiency and ease by synchronizing information updates across end uses - without sacrificing confidentiality.

Make compliance easy

Compliance has become a big issue. Do it right or pay big fines. The NationalHR system not only tells you what you have to do in each area of compliance, but stores all material and distributes necessary items to employees within the strict time frames set by law. 1094 and 1095 reporting with a click of the mouse. SBCs and Summary Plan Descriptions distributed to all participants as needed. Timely COBRA notifications. Family Leave information. Feel like compliance is taking care of itself, 100% of the time!