No two businesses are alike. HR and benefits shouldn’t be, either.

Solutions that Scale – and Save

Leave one-size-fits-all to scarves, ponchos, and the other guys. NationalHR’s customizable human capital solutions are uniquely designed to meet your company’s specific needs – no matter how big or small you are or what you do.

Seeking a fully-integrated, single data entry fix for disjointed payroll, benefits administration, and HR? Or maybe the thought of cutting healthcare costs without slashing quality gets you nodding.

Whether you answered a, b, or something in between, NationalHR’s flexible, forward-leaning solutions will save you lots of time and hassle – and even more money!


Our approach stems from our unfaltering belief that big firms are too slow to help you and too quick to monetize you, while the smaller guys provide disjointed service that delivers hassles – and little more. Let NationalHR listen to your needs and customize a solution that adds endless efficiency and ease to your business – and yes, savings!