HR and Compliance

Imagine the benefits of in-house HR without the hefty price tag. We did – and then we did something about it.

At a Glance

NationalHR puts affordable human resource expertise and compliance in easy reach of businesses spanning sector and size. How? By combining the best of online resources with access to certified HR pros, exactly when and where you need them.

Our solution isn’t just penalty-proof and on par with in-house HR. It’s smarter than most, and scalable, too. By guiding your team through user-friendly software and tasks and actually doing the tough stuff for you, NationalHR makes sure you handle only the work that falls in your comfort zone. The result? Top-tier HR performance, compliance, and savings without sticker shock.

Out with worry. Out with “budget” mindsets. Out with penalties and fines.

NationalHR’s full suite of HR and Compliance services includes:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of your specific HR-related needs
  • Customizable support and consultation across HR duties ranging from job descriptions and hiring to performance reviews and company handbooks
  • Satisfaction of all healthcare reform-related policies and requirements
  • Thorough review of required workers’ compensation and HR-related insurance coverage
  • Hands-on assistance with forms and template documents
  • One-on-one HR consultation as needed
  • Confirmation that Cafeteria Plan Document and SPD contain updated ACA compliance language.
  • Full-service 1094C and 1095 reporting for guaranteed accuracy, compliance, and ease
  • Top-to-bottom peace of mind and savings for your entire team