NationalHR started in 1980 selling employee benefit plans. We were skilled business people (okay, if not at the start, after a few years!) but were committed first and foremost to being people – attentively analyzing clients’ needs, then customizing guidance and options accordingly. After all, this is the health of workers and their families we’re talking about.

As the years passed, though, we noticed a conversational shift: Although we were sitting down with them to talk health benefits, clients routinely lamented their benefits administration challenges, and HR hurdles, too – how to keep up with complex systemic changes in healthcare and reporting, how to halt costly inefficiency, how to handle HR administration the smart way instead of the aimless, expensive, and obvious way, which felt solution-proof. These were CEOs, CFOs and HR directors lying awake nights thinking not about their specialized service or product, but about internal workforce organization – a supreme waste of time and resources, at the expense of growth, to boot.

Administration Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

We watched clients buy flawed “solution” after flawed “solution”– some lacking personal support, some ill-suited for small- and medium-sized businesses, and others just plain bad. Small businesses in particular felt invisible to HR and benefits admin resources, and were often left trying to figure things out on their own despite paying through the nose for “help.”

Intrigued, NationalHR committed to learning more about HR and internal benefits administration. Once we identified the widespread problems, we began fervently developing solutions.

Our current suite of services is the result of more than a decade spent studying and strategizing, and we think it’s pretty great: Customizable third-party solutions for businesses of every size, capable of delivering in-house- quality administration with a commitment to service, simplicity, efficiency, and value.

After all, our business has always been people – and remains that way.