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7.18 Repealing and Replacing through the Small Business Lens

We can’t help but view current events through the eyes of our clients. Often, we’ll think “How does this impact them?” and “How can we adapt to help them?” For certain, this is true of the Healthcare debate. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and replacing it with some […]

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6.22 How to Choose the Right Benefits Package for Your Business

At some point in your business growth you reach the daunting task of having to offer benefits to your employees. Having been through it ourselves, we understand the process very well. First you complain: “Why can’t it be like how it was when we were smaller?”. Then you get confused: “When did I become a […]

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4.7 3 Lies Your Broker Tells You (and Believes)

A hunch: You probably like your health benefits broker. Brokers are peoples’ people who listen to needs, then hunt down the best solution at the best possible rate. But here’s the rub: Despite good intentions, most of these “solutions” are neither affordable nor exhaustive, leaving employers and employees drowning in high healthcare costs – for […]

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